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Dog Grooming


Care from the heart
We are pet lovers!

  1. Our pets rely on us to give them care and fulfil their needs. We must provide for them to the best of our ability.

  2. Pets exist within a human-built experience. They only understand what is shown to them in a way that they can process. 

  3. The more suitable an environment is for an animal to relax and adjust to a process, the more likely they are to make said adjustment with minimal resistance. 

  4. Every pet is different and we value taking time to find out what each one needs in order to learn, adjust & thrive!

  5. It’s our goal to relay to each pet that the grooming process can be a soothing experience, while taking care of their physical needs as well.

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About the Owner

Paws for Thought

Dedicated to my passion and adoration for animal care, I became a professional Dog Groomer in 2015. Ever since, I have been providing loyal and loving pet care and services to the Hays County area.

I highly value giving pets an enjoyable grooming experience. I do not power groom as I strive to give each pet individual care, without the stress of a rushed groom. 

I enjoy working with senior pets, puppies and "harder cases" as the transformation that happens over time is absolutely beautiful. 

I'm passionate about grooming because it's a great opportunity to connect with animals while giving them a refreshing experience that leaves them looking their best.

♥ Ashley King 

Dog Grooming
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