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Questions and Answers

What makes us unique?

While your pet in is our care we aren't just concerned with their looks. Giving them a positive grooming experience and allowing them to relax as much as possible is top priority. Baths include warm water, massages and intentional products to meet your pets' specific needs. The process of their grooms involve working at their pace, showing them each step in a way to familiarize them to the process. We are pet lovers!

How long does it take?

A lot of variants factor into your pets' time with us. Their physical and mental condition, as well as the service we're providing, contribute to the length of your pet's stay. Rest assured we go at the best pace we can for your pet. If you are wanting them in & out as fast as possible, a private groom can be arranged to ensure that your baby is in & out without the stress!

What is a Private Groom?

We offer private grooms for any pets that are preferred to be worked on straight through. Private grooms ensure that your baby is the only one your stylist is working on for the duration of your pets' service. 

Private grooms are recommended for:

  • Pets with severe anxiety

  • Pets with special physical needs

  • Older pets

  • Pets that are new to the grooming process

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

We are pet groomers, we care for your pets' mental and external physical wellbeing. If your pet needs clinical care, we recommend you take them to your routine veterinarian.

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